Fun Country is building game night for the zoom-first world we live in today. It’s a web3 gaming network designed to recreate the fun of having friends over for a game of cards and a drink. Our games are a LEGIT social experience with real-time presence, built-in audio/video, and all the raucous fun of a home game with your friends. The Fun Country community drives the development of games and the growth of the network with our innovative token mechanism that rewards game hosts and development.

Poker is the first online poker home game. We don't facilitate gambling, we operate legally. Instead, we facilitate FUN! It's poker like you'd play with your friends: house rules, side bets, dealer’s choice. Chinese poker, anyone? How about a replay of the look on Matt's face when Sean took all his chips. AGAIN?

The team has built and sold multiple gaming companies, including Zynga pre and post IPO. We have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in VC and are experienced operators. Our investors are some of the best in the gaming and crypto world: Angels such as Justin Waldron (co-founder of Zynga), Justin Kan (, Kyle Samani (Multicoin), and institutional capital such as Solana Ventures.

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